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machine.jpgVelaSmooth is the latest, medical grade, non-sugical liposculpture system clinically proven to greatly improve the appearance of cellulite and body shape.

A key benefit of the VelaSmooth system is its combination of 4 modalities delivered simultaneous to act upon fatty cells below the treated area to actually shrink the fat cells and produce a measurable reduction in the area.

VelaSmooth combines the following modalities to deliver its remarkable results.

Vacuum suction and mechanical mobilization to break down the fibrous bonds in cellulite and reduce associated trapped fluid.  Controlled fixed wavelength infra red light enhances blood flow to the area to increase fat cell metabolism.

This is augmented by the delivery of conducted bipolar electrical energy to stimulate fat cell mitochondria. This has the effect of causing the cell to burn the stored fat leading to a reduction in cell size.

VelaSmooth treatments do not require the wearing of special suits or body stockings and does not rely upon a change in diet or lifestyle to achieve results.